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Smart phones and tablets are the standard of modern life, download
Smart House APP, you can put your phone / tablet/ Desktop computer
into homeControl terminal. Lets you control everything at home anywhere,
since then no Gu worry.

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Smart Home Products

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    Private Custom


    We will you and your family habits, and other decor, design a customized fit your scenario.

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    Perfect Details


    This pursuit of perfection is our purpose of serving. Whether it is the design, construction, sale, and we have followed this purpose.

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    Easy to use


    Various scenarios modes: any intelligent s ystem integration, one-click control, let children, older people more convenient to use.

  • 04

    Safe and convenient


    Remote real-time using a mobile phone, tablet, PC computer, make your home time on your hands to control the security.

  • 05

    International brand


    With independent intellectual property rights work closely with many domestic famous professional manufacturers, to ensure the quality of the products.

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    Integrated the ZigBee, RF, GSM, IP, IR and other control protocol, so as to realize the wireless control all the home appliance equipment.

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    National policy support

    "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" made clear that the implementation of "Internet +" plan of action, promote the development of the Internet and economic and social integration.

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    big development space

    With the rapid development of social economy, science and technology and city, intelligence changes household is inevitable choice in the development of modern family life.

  • 02

    Science leading technology wealth

    Coming of the era of global intelligence, intelligent products began to dominate the market, new and high industry will rise rapidly.

  • 04

    Consumption trend

    With the increasing quality of life pursuit, smart, convenient and comfortable way of life will become mainstream consumer.

  • 05

    Market demand

    Smart home system can provide people with easier orderly and efficient modern living environment, real estate has become a hot chase.